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The Rydberg Religion

"To Aryan blood, the purest and noble, was I wed by a friendly Norn."
-- Viktor Rydberg, author of The Future of the White Race

In this contemporary cartoon, the poet and writer Viktor Rydberg (drawing sword, right of center) is shown leading the barbarian assault on the academy.  Despite dropping out of school after only one year of university education, Rydberg at age 56 was hired as a lecturer at the struggling Stockholm högskola (high school).  When his celebrity as a popular writer was recognized with an honorary doctorate from Uppsala, Rydberg began designating himself "Viktor Rydberg, Ph.D," as though he had earned an academic degree.   While employed at the högskola, Rydberg penned a largely imaginary mythology of the "Aryan race."  Ignored or dismissed by scholars, this work would become the central text of a neo-pagan fantasy cult 100 years after the writer's death.